Hot Mess

by Slobber

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released June 23, 2015

recorded and mixin and mistake fixxin by Brendan Rayne Howlett at Stu Stu Studio in Toronto 2014-15. Everything else by PaulA WeeDick.




Slobber Toronto, Ontario

slobber is slobber is slobber

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Track Name: fantasy shmantasy
There's a light that never goes out in the still moments when the moon says "Hey, your hands are a wayward hound." Fantasy shmantasy is gonna beg away the quiet. Fantasy shmantasy, with a whimper, calm this restlessness.

Dooty doot doot doot.
Track Name: catcallers of the world please stop uniting
I got something to say to you: *insert your (least) favourite catcalls here* I wanna make you "oooooh"

(Every night and every day I try to steal your heart away but you won't let me be your man, c'mon take me by the)

Goin on the prowl tonight.
Track Name: slutty summer
Kids say, "hope I die 'fore I get old".

Suggestive summer's serving us the cold hard truth: we had our time at the bleeding heart of monumental youth. Kids on patrol scoff at our attempts 'cuz it'll take a lot of luck to spend the month in bed, and they know we'll never be this beautiful again. Still the heat gets heavy and our skin takes requests. When you're sick with sweat then everywhere you get undressed. We're boycotting clothes!!! Shirts and shorts and skirts get tighter, get shorter, sleep gets shorter, and the days get long. But we're out at night.

I could sacrifice a lamb but we're past the beginning of the end.
Track Name: naked lesbian separatist commune
Decency is the scum of humanity! You can scrape the greasy puck off this whole country and you'd still need to hose down the sludge and stink of respectable propriety – it makes me sick! I need the where we can rub off in the bathroom if we want to.

Let the breeders rot the capital down to debris. We'll be one with the land and natural and free. Free from patriarchal shithead hordes of macho human waste. We love like Audre Lorde and rub off in the bathroom how we want to.

There's a place I hear about in New England, they scratched it off the map but I have the address and the code: Turn left at Sunshine Corners to get to the farm with the commune. When we get to the lesbian separatist commune we'll get naked and screw how we choose.

Scarlet works in the backroom with the harness. There's strap-on sex in the study after tea. The evening entertainment is a burlesque show or you can steal away and head down to the swimming hole and we can rub off in the bathroom it's true.
Track Name: black sabbath
The priest looked bad in his vestments, like a purple onion with baggy eyes. He walked staggeringly slow to the altar and mumbled through his 'word of the lord's and 'halleluiah's like a chore.

"Years ago I took these vows to avoid earthly delight... I want a taste of flesh. So let me lay you down and rip off your clothes and we can live in sin"
"But there's no going back!!!"
"I know. I know I'm gonna burn in hell for this"

The priest looked bad and we locked eyes and I drew his hands up my thighs.
Track Name: sexual frustration
Seems it's no secret now: running dry spell blues way beyond weeks. It's just stress, its just frustration.

Saw my baby walk up the hill, look at that tail!
Saw my baby walk up the street, I wanna take a ride in the backseat!
Saw my baby walk up the stairs and feelin something growing in my underwears!
See me baby, I've got hard luck!

Oh I'm so desperate I'm so desperate I'm so desperate i'm so desperate i'm so desperate im so desperate im so desperate imsodesperate imsodesperate
Track Name: heaven
It was a hard-hearted, heavy hand that lay Jesse flat on his back in his bed. He said, "When I was seventeen it was an okay year, but the rest were shit and every day death becomes hard to resist."

It was a backwater sack of bricks that ripped from her fist and his mind became an abyss. Naked men and women danced in orgiastic bliss. He undressed, warm hands caressing his virginal flesh. And that was heaven when Jesse died; no angels sang, no light from the divine. He found a new life in a never-ending sea of flesh.
Track Name: bad pickup lines / adult theories of arousal
I'm bad in bed; I'm lucky if I can even get it up for you, baby. I'm sad in bed; I'm lucky if you would even want to fuck me. Baby, maybe I need to wear your clothes and you can criticize me. Baby, tell me that I'm scum. This is not a drill: I need you not whip me and I know you will. This is not a test: I'll dress in leather for you, you dress in leather for me because it gets me harder/hotter and it gets you hotter/harder. I've got these theories to build the bone.